Textbook CorrectionsEdit

Chapter 1

In reference to Exercise 1.5. The genetic code discussion/table in the book is misleading. The genetic code references 3 consecutive basepairs in messenger RNA that encode for a given amino acid. The basepairs in the book's genetic code table are in terms of T's instead of U's, which is usually indicative of deoxyribonucleic acid. (page 6).

Chapter 4

References to Autopolyploids and Allopolyploids. Further investigaton, suggested that the book's definitions were misleading.  The book defines autopolyploids as multiple copies of genomes from the same parent.  However, other sources defined autopolyploids as having multiple chromosome sets originating from within one species. The book defines allopolyploids as multiple copies of genomes from different parents.  Other sources define allopolyploids as having chromosomes from two or more different species.  (1,The Advantages and Disadvantages of being Polyploid, Luca Comai, Nature Review Genetics, 2, Polyploidy, Margaret Woodhouse, Ph.D., Diana Burkart-Waco & Luca Comai, Ph.D. (Plant Biology and Genome Center, UC Davis) © 2009 Nature Education  3, Modern Genetic Analysis: Integrating Genes and Genomes, Griffiths, Gelbart, Lewontin, Miller (2nd edition - textbook 2002))