The Wikipedia article entitled "Human genome" needs significant work, so I'm going to use this page to play around with some possible changes. When I think it's useful enough for public reference, I'll transfer content to the Wikipedia page. Others should feel free to edit and contribute content, but be sure to look at the Wikipedia page first. --JMB

Organization of the current wikipedia pageEdit

Things that need to be fixedEdit

  1. Introductory section needs to be fixed
  2. Figure illustrating what some genome sequence looks like
  3. Figure illustrating outpu from genome browser
  4. Expand and clarify introductory section
  5. Update and improve refs, adding requested citations to reliable sources
  6. It's a reference genome, not any single human, Section: Reference human genome
  7. Human genetic variation has its origins in sequence variation among individuals
  8. 1000 Genome project
  10. Add Lesk reference
  11. Cost of sequencing a personal genome
  12. References need updating

Test areaEdit

Phenotype = Genotype + Environment + Life History + Epigenetics