General class requirementsEdit

  1. Attend class regularly and be an active and constructive participant.
  2. Read the textbook. The whole damn thing by the end of the semester.
  3. Follow the #uvmgg Twitter feed and contribute to the discussion in a lively and constructive manner.
  4. Add new wiki pages, content, criticisms, suggestions and edits to the required Wiki content sections (see below). Do the same in any of the optional sections, as you wish.
  5. Be prepared to present and discuss the pages that you have contributed to in class.
  6. Be willing to contribute your expertise to support other class members when they need it.
  7. Become a skilled practitioner of the art of collaboration, including constructive criticism.
  8. Learn to formulate insightful questions in the area of genetics and genomics.

Required Wiki content sectionsEdit

  1. Class Notes
  2. Concepts and Jargon
  3. Genetic Studies
  4. Genomic Studies
  5. Metagenomic Studies
  6. Online Resources (databases, web sites, blogs, Twitter feeds)
  7. Personal pages
  8. Student-generated questions and proposed solutions
  9. Textbook problems and solutions
  10. YFG: Your Favorite Gene
  11. Wikipedia page evaluations

Optional Wiki content sectionsEdit

  1. Biographies of Geneticists and Genome Scientists
  2. Books, Films and Video Reviews
  3. Current News Evaluations
  4. Humor for Gene Geeks
  5. Textbook issues, corrections and updates