The EBI stands for European Bioinformatics institute which is a part of EMBL (European Molebular Biology Laboratory). Their database is a repository of all the bioinformatics data published. It is free and open to everyone. Thier website has options for sequence analysis, structure ( homology based) analysis, microarray analysis, proteomics services etc. They are based in the Welcome Trust genome campus in Hinxton which is not too far from Cambridge,UK.

The list of databases available on are:

EMBL-Bank- DNA,RNA sequences

ENSEMBL- genomes

Array Express- microarray data

Uniprot- protein sequences

InterPro- protein families,domains and motifs

PDBe- macromolecular structures

IntAct- protein-protein interactions

Reactome - pathways

ChEBI- small molecules

Here is a pdf for more information:

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