6.1) From looking at only the genome of archae and bacteria you would beable to identify the difference in tRNA sequences, the sequence of the 16S ribosome, the presence of DNA associated proteins similar to histones in archea, presence of introns in archea and the difference in enzymes involved in DNA replication.

6.2) There is not an amino acid where a C or G in the third position of a codon could not be preferentially selected for by a hyperthermophilic organism.

6.3) Two groups of bacteria that are:

  • (a) Photosynthetic: Chlorobium, Chloroflexi
  • (b) Live in human gut: Fusobacteria, Bacteroidetes
  • (c) Pathogenic: lambda-Proteobacteria, Chlamydiae

6.8) Recombinant vaccine against Hepatitis B is expressed in yeast and not in bacteria because bacterial expression does not account for post translatinal modifications and it is harder to express bigger proteins.

6.9) If the metagenome is determined by using 16D rRNA, which is aproximately 1.5Kb long, then the total metagenome would be 300 Kb.

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