5.2) What is the Hamming distance between DECLENSION and RECREATION?

Hamming distance is the humber of mismatches in two stringsof equal length...



This has a hamming distance of 4 (the D/R, the L/R, the N/A, and S/T).

5.3) What is the Levenshtein distance between BIOINFORMATICS and CONFORMATION?

Leveshtein distance is the number of edits (deletion, insertion, or exchange) required to convert one string to the other.

BIOINFORMATICS --> 14 letters

CONFORMATION --> 12 letters



This has a Levenshtein distance of 5 (the B/C, two insertions on either side of the 'O', the C/O, and the S/N).

5.4) Provide 3 edits to convert AGTCC to CGCTCA (Leveshtein distance of 3).





You could 1) change the A to a C, 2) insert a C after the G, and 3) change the last C to an A. All of these edits occur in the first string (AGTCC)

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