Matters arisingEdit

Presentation of YFG article (10 min per person)Edit

  1. Tell us about the information sources that you used and how you found them
  2. Take us through the article and figures
  3. Describe any difficulties that you encountered in writing the article

Assignments for Wed 26 SeptemberEdit

  1. Read each of your classmates' YFG articles, and contribute constructive comments and/or edits.
  2. Finish reading Chapter 3
  3. Update wiki list of Concepts and Jargon, contribute content, and identify questions and points of confusion.

Class NotesEdit

Discussed YFG projects. Brief Discussion

Question: Think about a genetic disease caused by a single genetic defect. Will this genetic defect always present with the same phenotype or same clinical presentation in different individuals?

Answer: no.

Environmental Differences can effect the phenotype/clinical presentation in individuals. Environmental factors include diet, exercise, infectious agents, and altitude. Other genes and epigenetics may also influence phenotype.