Matters arisingEdit

Presentation of genetics projects (part 2)Edit

  1. Initial presentations from students who did not present on Monday
  2. Brief updates from students who did participate on Monday

Rapid review of a new research paperEdit

Yue et al. (2012) Widespread impact of horizontal gene transfer on plant colonization of land. Nature Communications 3, 1152. Published 23 October 2012.

Assignments for Monday 29 OctoberEdit

  1. Read and comment on the Genetics projects of each student
  2. Finalize your Genetics projects based on comments and suggestions in class and on Wikia site
  3. Finish work on Chapter 4 (including Exercises, Problems and Weblems)
  4. Add content to Concepts and Jargon (including addition of new topics of your choice)
  5. Start thinking about your Genomics project. Please choose an organism (eukaryote or prokaryote or archaeon), not a virus or other suborganismal entity.

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