Class plansEdit

  1. Preliminary plans for the student projects on Genetics were discussed.
  2. Student contributions on textbook problems, and Concepts & Jargon were presented.
  3. JMB made a short presentation on conditional mutations, including temperature-sensitive mutants, and nonsense mutants and suppressor tRNA molecules

Assignments for next classEdit

  1. Read Chapter 4
  2. Work on Genetics project
  3. Add other content as you are able to do so

Class NotesEdit

Reversion - Goes back to normal sequence, where normal is defined as a function of the sequence. Supression - Original mutation is still present but for some reason the suppressor host bypasses the mutation. Usually it is because of a mutant tRNA with a mutant anti-codon arm that can add an amino acid for a stop codon. Identified in bacteria. Stop codons in conditional mutations. Temperature sensitive mutations. Tandem stop codons more common in bacteria.Natural back up plan. suppressor tRNA are not very efficient.

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