Class NotesEdit

Differences between Genomics and Metagenomics:

Genomics- Based on a single species. Analyses of full genomic length or selected regions (e.g. transcriptomics) evenly destributed throught out the genome. Can analyze multiple populations of a single species. 

Metagenomics- Mostly used for (1) environmental sampling, and (2) species identification by comparison to related species. Multiple species are used. Can be genomewide comparison or specific markers (e.g. 16S). Both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA are used. 

Synteny- describes the physical co-location of gentic loci on the same chromosome within individuals or species. When co-localization is a unique pattern within a species, it is referred as shared synteny.  

Review of sources for genomics projectsEdit

New contributions to wikiEdit

Genomes of bacteria and archaeaEdit

Assignments for Wed Nov 7Edit

  1. Continue work on genomics projects: Presentations begin ______
  2. Finish reading Chapter 6 (Genomes of Prokaryotes) and Chapter 7 (Genomes of Eukaryotes)
  3. Work on exercises, problems, and weblems for Chapters 6 and 7.

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